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NetAXS 123

NetAXS 123

NetAXS-123 is perfect for smaller facilities such as restaurants, shops, clinics or health clubs.

The system can help secure your facility, manage employee access and run reports easily.

Available as one, two or three doors systems, NetAXS is an easy to operate, affordable solution that allows protection to one door at time, therefore growing with you as your needs change.



  • No dedicated PC or network required as the system uses a stand alone application using a web-browser
  • Can be managed or serviced remotely when connected to a network or the internet
  • Scalable system - adding doors is easy and affordable
  • Additional power supplies not required as door locks can be powered from the panel
  • Connection of 'OmniClass' readers allows access control from both sides of the door


  • We have worked with Black Box for over 14 years...

    By Robert Wylie, Morrison Bowmore Distillers Limited  
  • Great job and would recommend to others!

    By Mrs Jennifer McFadyen  
  • I had a home alarm system fitted by Black Box Fire & Security.

    By Paul McCloskey  

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